Reasons to join the alumni chapter

Benefits of joining the alumni chapter

  • Providing a better future to those that come after you. Let’s face it, students today often face a myriad of problems from high levels of debt from students loans, food insecurity, and for some homelessness.
  • Networking – Network with your fellow alumni to find leads to job opportunities as well as benefit for being a vendor that other alumni can use to support you.
  • You increase the alumni giving rate which makes the University as a whole more attractive in donating and providing other opportunities. Few people want to support a school that their own alumni do not support.
  • Discounts and other opportunities that come with being part of the alumni association.
    Stay informed of what is going on with the University and the Alumni Association as a whole.

Ready to Join?

To join the alumni chapter, visit the Texas Southern National Alumni Association website by click here and then choosing the COLABS Alumni Chapter. Half of your membership fee goes toward things like scholarships while the other half of your membership goes toward supporting COLABS chapter activities. If you have graduated in the past year, you already have free membership for up to a year from your graduation date.